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4 things we insist on

The four things we insist on in order to provide fine-tasting delicacies to our customers.

The best species

The Aigamo ducks of Iejima are of the Cherry Valley species, which has the highest distribution volume in Japan. They have a thick layer of subcutaneous fat and a high energy content, and contain large amounts of unsaturated fatty acid. This gives their fat a simple, non-greasy flavor. Our focus on good taste starts with the selecting the best species.

The best feed

We carefully select feed that is a mixture of peanuts produced on the island itself, highly nutritious Shimon potatoes and other ingredients, to make sure our Aigamo ducks are healthy. Providing them with a diet consisting primarily of vegetation is what gives Iejima Aigamo ducks their delicious taste, free of any quirks or peculiarities. In the future we plan to provide an even larger percentage of organically grown feed, as part of our ongoing quest for ever-higher levels of food safety.

Floor feeding

With floor feeding, the Aigamo ducks move around freely, feeding as they please. This reduces stress in their environment and is crucial to creating a fine, delicate taste and quality in their meat. Clean winds from the sea sweep through the coop, helping maintain the optimum control in terms of sanitation and hygiene, and making sure our Aigamo ducks are healthy and vigorous.

Outstanding meat quality

The Iejima Aigamo ducks that we supply are young ducks fattened until they are about two months old, so the meat is tender and is ideal for a wide range of culinary purposes. We also emphasize freshness in our processing, making sure that only the freshest ducks are delivered to you.

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