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Unprocessed meat

Refrigerated transport from Iejima Island
Please choose the preferred part of the duck.

Unprocessed meat from Iejima Aigamo ducks is delivered in frozen vacuum packs, each pack containing the meat from one mature duck. We provide whole ducks with the organs removed that let you enjoy the different tastes and textures of the various parts of the duck, as well as tender, high-grade breast meat with little muscle, tenderloin consisting of non-fatty, tender white meat, thighs with more muscle than the breast, and a wide selection of other parts to accommodate any recipe.

Processed parts

Our processed products highlight the salient features of Iejima Aigamo ducks.
The simple, straightforward taste is what gives them their reputation.

We offer a diverse spectrum of processed food products that highlight the many features of Iejima Aigamo ducks to the fullest. Customers can select long-running favorites such as jerky and smoked duck meat, as well as cooking sauce for rice and many other products that are familiar elements in family cooking. Be sure to try these! Our processed products are available through the Internet.

Meat of Iejima Aigamo ducks contains a wealth of unsaturated fatty acids which is said to have effects in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Comparison of meat ingredients

Name of ingredients

Amount of analysis Iejima Aigamo duck
(meat, with skin, raw)
Aigamo duck
(meat, with skin, raw)
Japanese beef
(chuck, with fat, raw)
Imported beef
(chuck, with fat, raw)


mg/100g 280 220 210 300


mg/100g 2.9 1.9 0.7 1.2

Vitamin B1

mg/100g 0.31 0.24 0.06 0.07

Vitamin B2

mg/100g 0.30 0.35 0.17 0.20

Vitamin C

mg/100g 2 1 1 1

Vitamin K

μg/100g 39 21 8 5

Vitamin D

μg/100g 3 1 0 0.4

Saturated fatty acid

g/100g 10.87 8.02 12.19 7.54

Monovalent saturated fatty acid

g/100g 20.26 13.32 20.16 7.10

Polyvalent saturated fatty acid

g/100g 4.74 5.66 1.06 0.48

※Figures above are based on the table of standard food ingredients of Japan

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